Taking Advantage of Floor Tile Medallions

At 55 Flooring, we have a wide variety of flooring types that can suit virtually any home improver’s needs.  Between wood, bamboo, tiling, and carpeting, there’s little that we can’t do.  On top of that, we offer our customers the subtle elegance of floor medallions.  Floor medallions, which are essentially intricate works of art nestled right in your flooring, typically in a circular arrangement, can add a charm and beauty to your home that’s hard to achieve.  Below, we’d like to talk about some of the ways in which we feel a floor medallion can impact the look of your home.

Open Space

When you have large open spaces in your home, sometimes it can feel like you need a central element to pull the room together.  Sort of like a center point for the rest of the room to orbit around.  Even more dramatic in a circular room, a floor medallion in the center of a room can make the room feel cozier in a way, and united around a singular subtle point of reference.


Floor medallions are a stunning element to add to any foyer or entrance way.  Having a floor medallion be the first thing that your guests see when they enter your home shows them that you care about the design and feel of your home.  It an automatic, natural, and understated work of art.


People often say that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their bathroom, and having a floor medallion in yours will have guests leaving saying very positive things about both of you.  The tiling commonly found on bathroom floors easily meshes with medallions.  We also love floor medallions for bathrooms because they have the ability to be in so many different colors, and people tend to take more color risks in smaller rooms such as bathrooms or dens.

Floor medallions are seeing a huge resurgence of popularity as their timelessness and originality are rediscovered.  To find the right floor medallion for your home, contact 55 Flooring today.