Keeping Laminate Flooring Clean

When it comes to flooring, it seems that there are a lot of different cleaners on the market today. Knowing what type of cleaners to use on your floor and the proper method for cleaning will extend the lifespan and beauty of your floor. Here are some of the best ways to clean laminate flooring.


Daily sweeping can severely reduce the amount of mopping and heavy cleaning you need to do to keep your laminate flooring looking great. Over time, excess dirt and debris can lead to a very scratched floor regardless of the fact that laminate is very durable. Always sweep in the direction tiles were laid to pick up any dirt and debris that falls into cracks and texture on the surface. Hardwood flooring also does well with sweeping.


A vacuum with a soft brush attachment does a good job of cleaning laminate floors and is not as abrasive as some standard stiff-bristle brooms. Since so many households already own a vacuum, purchasing an attachment is not cost prohibitive and often lasts longer than a standard broom as well.

Mopping With Hot Water

Hot water doesn’t leave streaks on a laminate floor, and since you are not adding chemical cleaners, you don’t have to worry about that type of damage. The most important thing is to wring your mop out thoroughly. Excessive water left on a laminate floor can cause it to warp and buckle over time. This is one reason it is so important to clean up spills immediately. A soft microfiber mop can be used to hasten the drying process.

Vinegar Solution

A solution of ¼ cup vinegar to a quart of warm water can be sprayed on very dirty spots but needs to be mopped up immediately because vinegar left too long can contribute to damage of laminate floors. This mopping should be done with a damp mop. Make sure to clean a small section at once and don’t spray your whole floor down as this will allow too much floor contact time with the vinegar solution.

Treat Stains Individually

Some stains are best removed using different methods that others. For example grease on a laminate floor can be very frustrating so you can put an ice pack on the affected area. The grease can be gently scraped off. An eraser that is most commonly used to correct pencil marks can also be used to remove heel marks from your floor with ease.