Hard Floors vs. Carpeting

Here at 55 Flooring, hard floors are our specialty.  We don’t just install hard floors because we’re great at it, but because we think it’s the right choice for a lot of people.  Not only is carpeting expensive, but its durability and longevity leaves much to be desired.  Hard floors are not only easier to maintain, but more elegant and more practical than carpeting.

In Your Home

There are a few rooms in your house that basically everyone agrees should have hard floors, these rooms being your kitchen and your bathroom.  Though one may occasionally see a carpeted bathroom, it is rare, and a carpeted kitchen is basically unheard of.  This is most likely due to the fact that these rooms are the most accident prone in your house.  They are the most likely to get dirty and thus you want floors that are durable and easy to clean.  If hard flooring is great for messes, then why not have them in the rest of your home?  Eating dinner in front of the TV can be a very relaxing way to end your day, but you don’t want to worry about getting tomato sauce in your white carpeting.  Hard flooring’s ability to let you quickly wipe up messes rather than having to dab and blot with seltzer as you would with carpeting makes it a great option for any room in your home.

In Your Office

An office can be a very hectic space, which means that messes are going to happen.  Office buildings have a ton of people doing a million things at once, and those people are usually not making sure to wipe their feet before coming in the door.  Wearing shoes outside and then on carpeting can be pretty gross, and for the sheer volume of people who enter and exit office buildings every day, it doesn’t make sense to have hard-to-clean floors.  Additionally, the boots and heels of hundreds of people in an office really begin to wear on the flooring.  Having durable flooring material is key to saving your business money on replacements later.

Regardless of what type of space you’re trying to lay flooring in, keep in mind the benefits of each type.  Carpeting may be comfortable, but does it make sense in the given space?  The numerous benefits of hardwood, laminate, and tile flooring is clear, especially when it’s being laid by the experts.

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

bamboo flooringThere is something special about hardwood flooring. The sound of a shoe’s soles walking across it just sings of elegance and prestige. There is something equally as impressive about bamboo floors in a home, especially in a kitchen or living area. The Zen-like quality is perfect for the modern homes of today.

Bamboo is a natural surface, and as many know it is actually a grass, not a tree. This natural material grows plentifully in tropical areas, much faster than trees. Bamboo trees can actually reach maturity in three to five years.

Today we want to discuss what some of the pros and cons are of bamboo flooring. The pros and cons of hardwood floors may be better known, and while some of them are similar, it will help to discuss what bamboo’s strengths and weaknesses are so that you can effectively make a decision as to which kind of flooring would be best for your home.

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Ultimate Floor Showdown: Bamboo vs. Hardwood

hardwood flooring

Choosing the best flooring for your home may seem like a troubling responsibility, especially with so many types on the market. Narrowing it down to only two possible options can help make the process simpler. Hardwood and bamboo are two ideal flooring options that you can choose from.

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