Bamboo Flooring: Inspiring Design

The benefits of hardwood flooring have been known throughout the United States for years, but for whatever reason, bamboo is taking a longer time to solidify itself as a viable and attractive flooring choice.  Perhaps it’s because bamboo is much more commonly grown in the East than in the West, or maybe its virtues are simply more known there, but the sleek, smooth, beautiful finish of bamboo flooring can do much more than provide flooring for your home: it can inspire an entire room’s design.


Bamboo flooring lends itself to asian-inspired minimalist design.  Because the flooring itself is so rich in color and beautiful, the urge to cover it with loads of furniture or carpeting sort of wanes in comparison to the desire to display your new flooring.  The varying shades of natural browns inspire other simple brown items, such as a complimentary wooden table, or a bench, or a glass display case featuring cultured items, are a great addition to a room with bamboo flooring. 


We’ve talked before about how bamboo is a very environmentally friendly flooring option.  It is extremely fast growing, and natural, making it an easily renewable resource with little negative environmental impact.  The deep and satisfying colors of the bamboo lend themselves to be accompanied by other natural browns and greens.  Decorating your home with greenery, no matter the size, can give it a feeling of connection to nature that one cannot often achieve indoors.


Though bamboo and hardwood are both highly recommended and equally elegant flooring options, they definitely have different vibes to them.  Whereas hardwood can give off a sense of modernity, it often reminds one of an old, well-constructed house, with the charm of having a long history.  Bamboo feels newer, fresher, and more contemporary, making it a great alternative for someone who loves hardwood flooring, but is looking for a light, refreshing change.

Choosing The Right Hardwood Floor For Your Home Or Business

Hardwood is a beautiful and long lasting choice for any home or business. The variety of flooring out there means you have a lot to think about when it comes time to decide what you want. Here are some of the main things to consider when picking out your new floor.


Stain Color

Darker wood such as walnut or oak stained dark can add richness and depth to a room but may not be suitable for those that want a light and airy feel in a room. White Oak, Ash, or Hickory can offer a light color hardwood floor with a lot of character.

Plank Size

Flooring varies in width. For an old-fashioned look, some people choose planks that vary in width. This can require more time and skill to install but is stunning when done well. Wide plank floors can cost more because they must be cut from larger trees. Bigger boards require care during installation to prevent them from buckling or having other issues later on.


The term hardwood implies toughness, but not all woods are as hard as others. Oak is one of the most common types of hardwood floors because it can be stained easily, is beautiful, and very durable. It is cost effective because there is so much of it grown. Hickory is a very hard floor but can be more expensive. It is suitable for those that want the toughest wood floor they can have.


Laminate flooring that has the look of hardwood can be a good option if you have a commercial space and are worried about the upkeep required of a hardwood floor. Laminate flooring has come a long way in the past ten years and does a good job replicating the look and texture of real hardwood.


4 Great Types of Flooring in Los Angeles

hardwood flooring

With the new year on its way it’s about to be time to start looking at ways to renovate a home. A great way to do that is by throwing down some new floors. The flooring of a home, like everything else in life, experiences wear and tear.

The struggle for homeowners is that there are several different types of flooring, each of which could be used in a kitchen or bathroom, or even a living room or dining area. The homeowner needs to decide which type of flooring is most suited to their needs in the home. Whether stain resistance is a factor, or if the goal is elegance and class. In Los Angeles, California there are bound to be many homes with many different types of flooring. The question a homeowner must ask is what type of flooring is right for them.

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Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

bamboo flooringThere is something special about hardwood flooring. The sound of a shoe’s soles walking across it just sings of elegance and prestige. There is something equally as impressive about bamboo floors in a home, especially in a kitchen or living area. The Zen-like quality is perfect for the modern homes of today.

Bamboo is a natural surface, and as many know it is actually a grass, not a tree. This natural material grows plentifully in tropical areas, much faster than trees. Bamboo trees can actually reach maturity in three to five years.

Today we want to discuss what some of the pros and cons are of bamboo flooring. The pros and cons of hardwood floors may be better known, and while some of them are similar, it will help to discuss what bamboo’s strengths and weaknesses are so that you can effectively make a decision as to which kind of flooring would be best for your home.

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Ultimate Floor Showdown: Bamboo vs. Hardwood

hardwood flooring

Choosing the best flooring for your home may seem like a troubling responsibility, especially with so many types on the market. Narrowing it down to only two possible options can help make the process simpler. Hardwood and bamboo are two ideal flooring options that you can choose from.

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How to Clean Your Floors Without Harsh Chemicals


Being an informed consumer is a high priority to many people these days, as it should be! People want to know what they’re buying and how it is going to affect them and their families. They want to know that they’re spending their money on products that won’t harm them. Many household cleaning products are made with harsh chemicals that have negative health impacts if ingested or touched, which is especially scary if you have children or pets. We thought it would be beneficial to many of our customers to provide information on how to clean your floors using safe and natural ingredients.

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The Best Types of Flooring for Pets

Many homeowners are faced with this decision: What type of flooring would be best for my pet? You want flooring to be comfortable for your furry friends without having to compromise on style, and most importantly you want something that will stand up to the inevitable wear and tear that comes with owning a pet. Since 68 percent of homes in America have a pet, we thought it would be a good  idea to go over your best options.

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Is Bamboo Flooring Worth It?


To put it simply, yes. Bamboo flooring is 100 percent worth it, especially if you’re looking to add the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. However, if you invest in bamboo flooring, you want to make sure that’s it’s not cheaply made, and by that we mean processed. One thing to note about bamboo is that it’s not wood; therefore, it’s treated differently. Cheaply processed bamboo flooring is prone to: Continue reading “Is Bamboo Flooring Worth It?” »

How to Properly Care for Bamboo Flooring


When you choose bamboo flooring from 55 Flooring, you’re investing in hardwood flooring that’s treated with the industry’s leading scratch resistant coating. The density and strength of our bamboo flooring finishing surpasses nearly any other hardwood flooring experts in Orange County, California. Now, although our bamboo flooring is tough, it’s capable of picking up scratches and scuffs just like any other type of hardwood which makes prevention a huge factor in preserving your floors. Continue reading “How to Properly Care for Bamboo Flooring” »

Innovative Home Flooring Options and Ideas


When people think of adding a new type of flooring to their home, they typically think they only have three primary options. Wood, tile, and carpet. Well, that’s just not the case anymore with all the new unique materials and technologies that are trending within the flooring industry. Homeowners now have so many new and innovative options that go beyond that dingy old carpet. Continue reading “Innovative Home Flooring Options and Ideas” »