The Best Flooring For Your Sunroom

Sunrooms, or enclosed porches, are such a delightful luxury to have in your home.  Getting that natural light and replenishing that vitamin D in your system does wonders for your physical and mental health.  Depending on the furniture you choose for your sunroom, it can be a great place to study, work, entertain, or just lounge around.  Regardless of how you intend to use your sunroom, having the right flooring for it is essential.


Because your sunroom will be mildly exposed to the elements, the flooring you use should be too.  Most sunrooms are fenced in with screens, which allow some moisture from rain, snow, sleet, or general humidity outside to enter your home.  That’s also a reason why you need good insulation in your sunroom, but that’s a different blog post. 

Carpeting can be great in a sunroom, especially in the winter months to make it feel extra cozy, but no one wants to squash around on a wet carpet after a rainy night.  An area rug over hardwood flooring has the same cozy effect while minimizing the surface area that can be potentially damaged by the weather.


Hardwood is a fantastic option for sunroom flooring because it’s sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and reflects a sense of naturalism that goes well in a room that is so close to nature.  The only issue with hardwood is that in climates with excessive moisture, the wood can begin to warp over time.  Warping is a real concern as it can cause you to have to redo your floors all together, an expense that you likely don’t wish to pay for. 


Bamboo is still one of the most underutilized and under appreciated flooring methods on the market today.  It has a similar look to hardwood, but is smoother and more delicate, perfect for a sunroom.  Bamboo speaks to minimalism and simplicity, ideals typically incorporated into the aesthetic of a sunroom as well.  Coming in a variety of stains, bamboo can fit just about any color scheme that you have in mind.

Sunrooms are an incredible luxury, and when you have a room with so much potential for beauty, you want to treat it with the respect that it deserves.  To find out more about how you can build the sunroom that’s right for your family, contact 55 Flooring today!

Finding the Right Flooring for Each Room in Your Home

Not every room in your home is going to have the same type of flooring.  Now that may seem obvious to us, but unfortunately, a lot of flooring and carpeting companies don’t seem to understand that.  Deals are offered based on using the same types of flooring in multiple rooms, and though those deals are cost-effective, they reward us for being impractical.  Sure, using the same flooring material for every room in your home would save money and labor, but that simply isn’t how we live.  A carpeted kitchen makes no sense, so why should companies be encouraging us to do that which is not sane?  At 55 Flooring, we want to help you find the flooring that’s right for each room in your home and at a price that will feel like you’ve got wall-to-wall coverage.

Carpeting Cozy Spaces: Bedrooms and Living Areas

For parts of your home that you want to feel, well, like home, carpeting is going to be your best bet.  Regardless of whether we consciously acknowledge this fact or not, being in a carpeted room automatically makes people feel more at ease and more safe, as the room, quite literally, is softer.  A bedroom with glass tiling, though interesting, won’t give the same comfortable and cozy feeling that carpeting will.  By the same token, your living room, a room where people should feel like they can come together and relax, won’t be quite as relaxing with hardwood flooring.  It looks beautiful, and your decision is certainly up to you, but just because you’re dropping the cash on hardwood flooring in the dining room doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for it in the living room as well.

No Muss No Fuss: Hard Flooring For Messy Rooms

This means your kitchen and your bathroom.  Believe it or not, your kitchen is the dirtiest room in your home, and that can be sort of alarming given all of the food prep you do there.  Carpeting can trap dirt and grime that is easily wiped up on tile or hardwood flooring, making it a poor choice for your kitchen.  The same goes for your bathroom where, excuse the toilet talk, we perform some less than cleanly acts.  Just because you’ve decided to carpet certain parts of your home doesn’t mean that the savings are worth compromising the flooring in others.

Don’t settle for one type of flooring to save a quick buck.  Thanks to 55 Flooring’s quality flooring and great prices, you can afford to match a room to the flooring you actually want in it.