Bamboo Flooring: Inspiring Design

The benefits of hardwood flooring have been known throughout the United States for years, but for whatever reason, bamboo is taking a longer time to solidify itself as a viable and attractive flooring choice.  Perhaps it’s because bamboo is much more commonly grown in the East than in the West, or maybe its virtues are simply more known there, but the sleek, smooth, beautiful finish of bamboo flooring can do much more than provide flooring for your home: it can inspire an entire room’s design.


Bamboo flooring lends itself to asian-inspired minimalist design.  Because the flooring itself is so rich in color and beautiful, the urge to cover it with loads of furniture or carpeting sort of wanes in comparison to the desire to display your new flooring.  The varying shades of natural browns inspire other simple brown items, such as a complimentary wooden table, or a bench, or a glass display case featuring cultured items, are a great addition to a room with bamboo flooring. 


We’ve talked before about how bamboo is a very environmentally friendly flooring option.  It is extremely fast growing, and natural, making it an easily renewable resource with little negative environmental impact.  The deep and satisfying colors of the bamboo lend themselves to be accompanied by other natural browns and greens.  Decorating your home with greenery, no matter the size, can give it a feeling of connection to nature that one cannot often achieve indoors.


Though bamboo and hardwood are both highly recommended and equally elegant flooring options, they definitely have different vibes to them.  Whereas hardwood can give off a sense of modernity, it often reminds one of an old, well-constructed house, with the charm of having a long history.  Bamboo feels newer, fresher, and more contemporary, making it a great alternative for someone who loves hardwood flooring, but is looking for a light, refreshing change.