Wood Flooring, Wood-Grained Tile, and Your Home Renovation

When redoing the floors in your home, it’s unlikely that every flooring material that you use is going to be the same.  While transitioning from carpeting to wood flooring is fairly seamless, it can be more difficult to switch from wood to tiling.  By nature of the fact that they both have a geometric pattern to them, they can clash a bit, and the discontinuation of their patterns can be off-putting.  Wood-grained tile can be a great way to ease that transition, and we’d like to extol some of its virtues below.

Grain Pattern

Finding a wood-grained tile that has a similar grain pattern to your genuine hardwood creates a line pattern that is very pleasing to the eye.  Being able to trace the lines in the grain not only from one side of the room to the other, but throughout the entire floor of your home, creates a sense of cohesion that you don’t often get when switching from plain hardwood to plain tile. 

Similar Look To Wood

You’d be surprised just how similar wood-grain tile can look to true hardwood.  Not only does it not look fake, but you can actually achieve some very interesting synthetic grain patterns that have all of the charm of natural wood, with all of the control of a synthetic material.  Not only is it visually similar to hardwood, but it is texturally similar as well.  This adds to its ability to mimic hardwood.

No Warping

Where as hardwood flooring has the potential to warp over time due to moisture and other natural processes, wood-grain tile does not.  You can clean and care for wood-grain tile in the same way that you’d take care for any tile, without any of the hassle of hardwood.  No worry of warping, and no issue with cleaning.

Wood-grain tile is not only a great addition to homes that have hardwood flooring, but works well all on its own.  Its effortless ability to capture the cozy, simple feel of hardwood without many of the same pitfalls is why its seeing such a surge in popularity.  To see if wood-grain tiling may be right for you, contact 55 Flooring today!

Reasons to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be absolutely stunning.  They’re somehow able to seamlessly straddle the line between old world and new, time-honored and thoroughly modern, making them an easy and safe choice for any home.  Few people take issue with them, and their virtues have been extolled for years.  However, not all hardwood is created equal, and overtime natural wear and tear starts to take a toll on even the most beautiful flooring.  Refinishing hardwood floors keeps them looking trim, fit, and polished, which is desirable for a host of reasons.

Selling Or Renting

Anytime that you’re trying to sell or rent your home, you want all of the amenities that come with it to be in tip top shape.  Hardwood flooring can be such a coveted novelty that it can truly be a make or break in whether or not someone wants to live in the home that you’ve created.  Refinishing hardwood shows potential buyers and renters that you’ve taken care of your flooring, and that if they were to live there they would get the benefit of virtually new floors.

Setting A Tone

Hardwood flooring is great, but when it isn’t properly maintained, it can end up looking old, dirty, and unstable.  Perhaps homey and old is exactly the look you’re going for, in which case refinishing may not be that important.  However, if you really want your floors to convey a sense that someone important lives in your home, refinishing could be key.  Showing people that you take care of your home signifies that you take care of yourself, and that they should take care of you and your home as well.  It sets a precedent of decency and respect.

Cleaning Doesn’t Cut It

Sometimes, cleaning your floors just doesn’t get the job done.  Deep stains can be difficult to get rid of, and average cleaning products will not do the job.  Refinishing makes your hardwood look completely different, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to refinish.  If you really love specific grain patterns or knots in your hardwood, then you should take a step back before going through with refinishing them, as refinishing is extremely harsh on your floors and will undoubtedly alter them for good.  This can be good if your floors really need it, but bad if they don’t.

Refinishing is a big job, and one that should definitely be discussed at length before any decisions are made.  However, if you think that refinishing may be right for you, consult 55 Flooring today!

Finding the Right Flooring for Each Room in Your Home

Not every room in your home is going to have the same type of flooring.  Now that may seem obvious to us, but unfortunately, a lot of flooring and carpeting companies don’t seem to understand that.  Deals are offered based on using the same types of flooring in multiple rooms, and though those deals are cost-effective, they reward us for being impractical.  Sure, using the same flooring material for every room in your home would save money and labor, but that simply isn’t how we live.  A carpeted kitchen makes no sense, so why should companies be encouraging us to do that which is not sane?  At 55 Flooring, we want to help you find the flooring that’s right for each room in your home and at a price that will feel like you’ve got wall-to-wall coverage.

Carpeting Cozy Spaces: Bedrooms and Living Areas

For parts of your home that you want to feel, well, like home, carpeting is going to be your best bet.  Regardless of whether we consciously acknowledge this fact or not, being in a carpeted room automatically makes people feel more at ease and more safe, as the room, quite literally, is softer.  A bedroom with glass tiling, though interesting, won’t give the same comfortable and cozy feeling that carpeting will.  By the same token, your living room, a room where people should feel like they can come together and relax, won’t be quite as relaxing with hardwood flooring.  It looks beautiful, and your decision is certainly up to you, but just because you’re dropping the cash on hardwood flooring in the dining room doesn’t mean that you should have to settle for it in the living room as well.

No Muss No Fuss: Hard Flooring For Messy Rooms

This means your kitchen and your bathroom.  Believe it or not, your kitchen is the dirtiest room in your home, and that can be sort of alarming given all of the food prep you do there.  Carpeting can trap dirt and grime that is easily wiped up on tile or hardwood flooring, making it a poor choice for your kitchen.  The same goes for your bathroom where, excuse the toilet talk, we perform some less than cleanly acts.  Just because you’ve decided to carpet certain parts of your home doesn’t mean that the savings are worth compromising the flooring in others.

Don’t settle for one type of flooring to save a quick buck.  Thanks to 55 Flooring’s quality flooring and great prices, you can afford to match a room to the flooring you actually want in it.

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