Wood Flooring, Wood-Grained Tile, and Your Home Renovation

When redoing the floors in your home, it’s unlikely that every flooring material that you use is going to be the same.  While transitioning from carpeting to wood flooring is fairly seamless, it can be more difficult to switch from wood to tiling.  By nature of the fact that they both have a geometric pattern to them, they can clash a bit, and the discontinuation of their patterns can be off-putting.  Wood-grained tile can be a great way to ease that transition, and we’d like to extol some of its virtues below.

Grain Pattern

Finding a wood-grained tile that has a similar grain pattern to your genuine hardwood creates a line pattern that is very pleasing to the eye.  Being able to trace the lines in the grain not only from one side of the room to the other, but throughout the entire floor of your home, creates a sense of cohesion that you don’t often get when switching from plain hardwood to plain tile. 

Similar Look To Wood

You’d be surprised just how similar wood-grain tile can look to true hardwood.  Not only does it not look fake, but you can actually achieve some very interesting synthetic grain patterns that have all of the charm of natural wood, with all of the control of a synthetic material.  Not only is it visually similar to hardwood, but it is texturally similar as well.  This adds to its ability to mimic hardwood.

No Warping

Where as hardwood flooring has the potential to warp over time due to moisture and other natural processes, wood-grain tile does not.  You can clean and care for wood-grain tile in the same way that you’d take care for any tile, without any of the hassle of hardwood.  No worry of warping, and no issue with cleaning.

Wood-grain tile is not only a great addition to homes that have hardwood flooring, but works well all on its own.  Its effortless ability to capture the cozy, simple feel of hardwood without many of the same pitfalls is why its seeing such a surge in popularity.  To see if wood-grain tiling may be right for you, contact 55 Flooring today!